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Our Story

Asset Nutrition is a feedmill based at Elizabeth town in North-West Tasmania.
In 1997 we started supplying pig feed to a 100 sow piggery. Later on we expanded our range into some different layer rations as well as supplying other pork and egg producers. Asset Nutrition took on a contact of supplying 'meat and bone meal' from Greenham Tasmania located in Smithton. Meat and bone meal (blood & bone) can be used a a natural fertilizer or a protein supplement for stockfeed.

Today Asset Nutrition supplies mainly Pig and Layer feed along with Meat and Bone meal, Soybean meal, Wheat, Barley, Lime, Gypsum bagged in 25kg bags or bulk bags.
We also have Gamebird feed in Starter, Grower and breeder rations specifically for quail.
We are always tailoring our product range to our customer's needs and happy to expand into other products to bring even more value to our customers.
All our rations are formulated by a professional nutritionist using optimum ingredients.

Layer mash 18% protein
Layer mash 16% protein
Dry Sow mash
Lactating Sow mash
Pig Grower mash 17% protein
Pig Weaner mash 20% protein
Meat & Bone Meal (Blood & Bone)

Natural fertilizer for garden & lawn care.

100% Whole oats

100% whole lupins

100% Whole maize/corn

100% Whole Wheat
100% Whole Barley

Game bird/Quail Starter mash 24% protein

Game bird/Quail grower mash 18% protein

Game bird/Quail breeder 20% protein

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