Quality Guaranteed

We strive for supplying optimum feed rations for all our customers animals, birds & pets. We work along side a professional nutritionist to achieve optimum results.

Locally Produced

Our livestock feed is produced here in Tasmania. We value working with local growers to source premium quality ingredients.

Farm Experience

Farming has been in our family now for six generations, all in Tasmania. This equips us with a wealth of knowledge regarding the needs of animals; while we are still learning new things everyday to ensure we stay relevant to the needs of our customers.

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Asset Nutrition is a Feedmill based at Elizabeth Town in North-West Tasmania.
In 1997 we started supplying pig feed to a 100 sow piggery. Later we expanded our range into some different layer rations as well as supplying other pork and egg producers. Asset Nutrition took on a contract of supplying Blood and Bone meal from Greenham Tasmania located in Smithton. Our Blood and Bone Meal has proved to be a great source of Calcium and Phosphorus while being a natural fertilizer for all things gardening and lawn care.

Our range has expanded into Poultry for Chickens to Ducks and Quail/Game birds. We have recently added Meat Rabbit feed to our range.

We make a starter and finisher ration in Lamb feed along with a ewe maintenance diet ideally for keeping your breeding stock in good conditions over challenging periods such as winter.

We also supply a variety of whole grain with the option of being rolled; including Wheat, Barley, Maize/Corn, Lupins, Oats and and can source others to suit your requirements!

wheat livestock pouring video