14% Laying Hen

14% Laying Hen

Asset Nutrition Laying Hen meal is 14% Protein formulated by a professional nutritionist with egg production, balanced with health & wellbeing of the animals as number one priority.

Asset Nutrition Layer feed is in meal form so your hens can have a variety of taste between different grains and seeds to keep from boredom but also so they can choose between options at different times of the day, for example they may choose to have extra Lime at dusk preparing to make a strong shelled egg overnight. Lime is added for calcium so your hens can make strong shells.

Available in 20kg bags, 500kg or 1000kg bulk bags we have a size to suit every flock.

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Key Features & Benefits

- Budget chicken food

- Good Calcium levels to support strong egg shells

- Meal/Mash Form

- Available in 20kg bags or bulk

- Delivery available


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What our customers are saying

I absolutely love this company. My husband and I keep pigs, chickens, quail and of course cattle - all of the grains are of an exceptional quality and cheaper than other competitors (certainly pet stores!). I have had fantastic results on this grain for my animal's health and nutrition. My chickens are laying constantly (in winter no less) and appear healthier in their comb colourings and feather sheen. Very pleased with the product and highly recommend