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Game Bird Starter 23%

Asset Nutrition Game Bird Starter is 23% protein; Ideal for Quail, Turkey, Pheasants, Pea fowl, Guinea fowl, etc. Also suitable for broiler/meat birds. It is formulated with their specific nutritional requirements in mind. It can be fed from hatch day through until approximately 6 weeks. Or for quail which could start laying at 6-8 weeks change them over to Asset Nutrition Grower at 4 weeks then Asset Nutrition Breeder at 6 weeks to encourage egg production. Game Birds do require higher protein than normal chickens. Asset Nutrition Game Bird Starter has a high protein content of 23% to get them a head start to life.

Available in 20kg bags, 500kg or 1000kg bulk bags.


Key Features & Benefits

- High in protein

- Small particle size suitable to feed from Day old

- Meal/Mash Form

- Available in 20kg bags or bulk

- Delivery available


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What our customers are saying

Great local product, chooks and ducks like it and are laying now. Great service to, we’ll be back.