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Asset Nutrition is a wholesale Feed Mill based at Parkham in North-West Tasmania. It is owned by the Knight family who have 6 generations of agricultural experience in Tasmania.

Asset Nutrition is a wholesale Feed Mill based at Parkham in North-West Tasmania. It is owned by the Knight family who have 6 generations of agricultural experience in Tasmania.

In 1986, we began making pig feed for our 100-sow piggery. We then began to sell feed to other local farmers including piggeries and dairies.

Recently we have focused on manufacturing optimum feed for Pigs & Poultry. Pig farmers and egg producers across Tasmania have trusted the Asset Nutrition reputation and found great results.

We added Blood and Bone meal from Greenham Tasmania to our range. This is used as Meat & Bone meal in our feed formulations and is also a great source of calcium and phosphorus for all things gardening and lawn care, being a great natural fertiliser!

We now supply rural stores across Tasmania including Nutrien, Exeter Farm & Feed, Yolla Co-op and other stores with chicken & layer feed, pig feed, blood & bone meal, whole or rolled grains such as wheat, lupins, barley, maize, oats, peas, linseed etc; can source others to suit your requirements.

Our range has recently expanded to include feed for Ducks and Game birds.

If you are seeking a service orientated supplier with superior products, look no further than Asset Nutrition, contact us today – we’d love to partner with you!

Asset Nutrition – where only the best feed is good enough!

Our products come in 20kg bags with a product label sown in the top; clear gussets down each side make it easier for customers to see the product they are buying. Our products can also come in 500kg or 1000kg bulk bags.


What scraps can I feed my pigs?

Vegetable scraps are sometimes used as pig feed but are not at all a complete feed and do not replace Pig feed meal or pellets. Obviously the owner would have price in mind but it can actually be detrimental to the growth to feed pigs scraps. Table scraps are classed as swill which in Australia is Illegal to feed to pigs.

Feeding pigs crushed grain by itself might fill their stomach, but it doesn’t provide the needed nutrition and results in weaker bones and can lead to organs not functioning properly. It is nowhere near their needed protein levels at around 10% instead of 18% protein. It may give them Diarrhea also.

Asset Nutrition is audited annually. We take pride in our products and make sure all our feed is consistently high quality. In our mill, we have systems in place so all ingredients are the correct amount and mixed properly. We are fortunate to have suppliers of raw materials that are always of a high standard. We are fortunate to have local farmers & other suppliers who always provide us with exceptional ingredients.

Pregnant Sows are ideally fed Asset Nutrition Dry Sow Meal. Once they have farrowed they should have Lac Sow meal (Lactating). This is fed until her piglets are weaned then she can transition again to Dry sow meal.

Feeding the correct sow feed is important as they need different nutrients whilst feeding piglets. They need more calcium to keep their bones strong which is provided in the Lactating sow feed.

Fully grown Boars are Ideally Fed Asset Nutrition Dry Sow feed; it could be named ‘Breeder feed’ so yes they can be fed sow feed, they love it. No need to give them supplementary extras.

Pigs are not particularly fussy eaters so do try and keep poultry feed out of their reach however if they do eat it, no harm will be done other than your chickens may be a little hungry!

Domestic pigs are reasonably gentle; they are curious inquisitive animals and sometimes love a back scratch or to chew your boot. They are rarely aggressive; however a sow feeding her piglets may not want anyone coming too close to her young! Also perhaps be careful with boars you are not familiar with.

Piglets need to be protected from the weather, especially hot sun, rain and wind. They either need a bed of straw or hanging heaters in their pen/hut. They can be weaned at 4-6 weeks if desirable. They shouldn’t need heat after this.

We have a list of our stockists here otherwise we are located at 140 Felminghams Rd, Parkham 7304 TAS. We can guide you to your nearest feed store just click contact us.

Yes, you sure can buy in bulk. We have bulk prices on orders that are minimum 25 bags or bulk bags, 500kg or 1000kgs. To save you a significant amount of money, we can provide bulk truck loads which can be custom mixed to your specifications, if required.

Weaner and Grower pigs can be fed adlib (no limit). They grow best when they have access to feed at all times. They can’t really overeat while growing. Adult breeders require approximately 2.5kg per day. If feeding on dirt, allow for a little waste. During periods of cold weather, they may need a little more. When sows are feeding piglets, start them on day one of farrowing with 1kg, then increase it by 500grams per day until around 5kgs. When piglets are 2 weeks old or more, the sows require between 5 and 10kgs per day depending on appetite, body condition and litter size.

Ideally your backyard chickens need 1 square metre per bird. They also need a minimum of 14cm per hen of roosting space, however double this wouldn’t hurt.

Roosters won’t lay eggs even if you feed them layer feed and provide a nest box! However they are just fine eating layer feed, this will give them their needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

If your flock of hens are feather pecking each other this may be due to a lack of protein or calcium. We recommend they have access to clean fresh water on a daily basis. If they are fed Asset Nutrition high protein layer feed they should stop feather pecking after about a week, however if it continues, call a local vet.

Backyard poultry should have access to feed at all times. They can’t really over eat; when they have had sufficient they’ll know.

Not many and if they do they probably will be very weak shelled and have light yolk colour. Backyard poultry should have a complete feed at all times so they remain strong and healthy and can provide you with eggs long term.


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Great local product, chooks and ducks like it and are laying now. Great service to, we’ll be back.